Nellie Barnett is an American actress, producer, writer and voiceover-er who lives and works in Los Angeles, where she perpetuates stereotypes by driving a Prius and sometimes teaching yoga. Luckily she lives in South Central and is a meat-eater, which helps. 

Nellie has appeared in countless national commercials (6 last year alone) often helmed by some of films most celebrated directors (Todd Field, Mike Mills, Jake Scott) and most recently shot a comedic TV spot with Ryan Seacrest for the iHeart Radio Awards. She's also just starred in the world's first Virtual Reality comedy. She was one of the pioneering players in the web-series game (Settling, 2/8 Life, Patrick & Molly) and has voiced a number of commercial and TV projects, including over a dozen audiobooks. Nellie writes and produces both original and branded content for the folks at Target, Microsoft, Chevy, Kraft, Suave, KitchenAid, St Ives, Vitafusion, and other brands whose names you might NOT recognize in a coma. She's just getting her feet wet as a scripted writer, but it's never too late to have a happy childhood*.

*Tom Tobbins. I'm not that good of a writer. Yet.